In America, we call it Thanksgiving—that is the USA & Canada

Happy Thanksgiving to all. This is certainly a day [as all are] to be thankful for the many blessings that we have received. The basis of this observance is that it is the time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. The link I have given takes you to the Wilkipedia for some historical perspective. It seems the celebration dates back to the early 1600 and even 1578 in Canada.

Thanksgiving is family time for lots of Americans. The day is one of travel—the most heavily traveled in America. Got to get home to experience mom’s cookin’ For to many of us, it is a day of over indulgence. Hey, I can ride or walk it off. At least that is what we say. Then, there are the following holiday celebrations that seem to have food as a major component. Tradition has most eating turkey, or maybe ham, or other meat [forgive me vegans]. I ‘ve cooked a few turkeys in my day, many hams, and briskets when I lived in Texas. Today, I’m cooking a prime rib or crown roast. Thought I’d share a few pictures with you. It is small—just for two. It is now in the oven. But first, a few before pictures.

CRW_1965.CRW CRW_1964.CRW CRW_1963.CRW

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Stay tuned for other pictures from the Artis household. Thanks and happy holidays to all.

Ride for the Republic History Chest

Mr. Giraldo has given us a treasure trove of notes [22 pages] for many places we will visit.

atlheader For example, as the tour begins, we have this information:

History Notes

His notes reference maps [which you see in the detailed itinerary] of location and events along the route we shall ride. As you peruse the route, read the note to have a more enriched experience of The Ride for the Republic. Learn and enjoy…

Thanks Rafael.