Sunrise ~ Veterans Day, +- a Day, 11/12

We seek this [or close there to]. I shot these in 2010

Without the opportunity to capture a clear sunrise, my philosophy is shoot what you have. The gallery below presents some of what I had.

Album with 3 days of Veterans Day 2014 captures. We get to do this again in January as the sun swings back by [after winter solstice].

Cycles – A dream deferred–Cruzbike Vendetta, 10/15

I did not deliver on my April 2012 dream. Now, there is a NEW Cruzbike Vendetta–the Vendetta V20.

First, it was the Silvio and then the Vendetta. I loved it from the moment I saw it as Maria Parker rode her record breaking ride. I will invest the proceeds from the sale of Silk and tail fairing into my dream bike. If I do this as I want, it will be with the carbon fiber wheel.

I’ve seen 2 generations of V’s pass me by… A dream deferred…