Transportation ~ Ford Transit Connect XLT, 1st Quarter 2016, 01/01

Let’s hope…

My 1998 Ford Windstar Cargo Van died September 1, 2015. I have been without personal transportation since then. It has been tough! As I pay off the debt for new heating and air conditioning [3 months early based on my TIME Magazine Cover Photograph],  I hope I can buy my last vehicle sometime before the end of March 2016.

I’ll even be able to drive to Utah to pick up Fargomy quadracycle.

The Transit Connect is a cargo van [as was the Windstar] which works best for my cycling and work around home. I’ll even be able to drive to Utah to pick up Fargomy quadricycle. I shipped it back to Utah Trikes following a breakdown in Connecticut during a tour that was to go from Maine to Florida–that’s another story…

Anyway, it will be GREAT to have my own transportation again. I appreciate Olivia’s help and the use of her SUV, from time-to-time, as well as help from other friends–Steve, Ellen, Michael, & Pauline.

We hope for a change soon. I need to get back to the gym and do so many other things…

Publication ~ Sports Illustrated–Road Warriors, 10/23/2006

This issue of SI published a story, “Road Warriors,” about our local cycling club–Cross Creek Cycling Club [C4]. I’m in the small picture in the center of the story. For me, it was a national exposure of sorts. Then I wrote:

The October 23rd [Volume 105. No. 16] Sports Illustrated has an article on page 150 that describes some aspects of the Cross Creek Cycling Club (C4) in Fayetteville, North Carolina and refers to us as “Road Warriors.”

I am the little fellow on the left on the back row