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Cycles – A dream deferred–Cruzbike Vendetta, 10/15

I did not deliver on my April 2012 dream. Now, there is a NEW Cruzbike Vendetta–the Vendetta V20.

First, it was the Silvio and then the Vendetta. I loved it from the moment I saw it as Maria Parker rode her record breaking ride. I will invest the proceeds from the sale of Silk and tail fairing into my dream bike. If I do this as I want, it will be with the carbon fiber wheel.

I’ve seen 2 generations of V’s pass me by… A dream deferred…

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Fitness ~ Getting Ahead of the Curve, Cycling, 10/13


The ability to move with the times, and adapt to newfangled creations in life can result in improved results and quality of living. With cycling, the ability to adapt and overcome certain variables is imperative in order to improve one’s overall abilities and focus on short-term and log-term goals both in fitness and the procurement of a new skill set. But these cannot be done alone and often the assistance of high-tech equipment or experienced coaches is an unrealistic method of choice due to cost.

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Event ~ 36th International Folk Festival, Arts Council, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Fayetteville’s finest…, 09/27

There was a police presence in multiple forms, including the chief.

Blog ~ Cycling Experiences… Contributor, 08/05

Could this be you?

I want to publish cycling related articles in this blog that are original stories of the author–their cycling experiences

The articles may relate to:

  • your cycles,
  • your rides/tours–completed or planned,
  • unique or special cycling experiences you had or know of,
  • Cycling safety concerns/recommended solutions,
  • articles may contain pictures, audio, video,  and so forth,
  • etc.

If you are selected, you will have the title Contributor and be listed as a member of the Writing Team. If interested, please comment here or on my Facebook blog page. You can also email me at Some of you will receive an email for me asking you to be a blog contributor.

Guidelines for contributors.

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to reading and publishing your stories.


Jim Artis