Blog ~ New Theme–Twenty Fourteen–After More & More CSS, 07/28/2014

It is DONE!

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2 thoughts on “Blog ~ New Theme–Twenty Fourteen–After More & More CSS, 07/28/2014”

  1. Being tenacious, and thanks to the Internet, I have the look I want for this theme. My last effort was positioning and spacing within the left-sidebar.

    The most challenging was positioning and then spacing above and below the follow-button. I found a solution that uses absolute positioningtrying to center with CSS won’t work.

    Automattic Staff
    Dec 7, 2013, 7:12 PM

    You cannot apply CSS cross-domain. That means you cannot apply CSS to the contents of a page in an iframe if the source is served from a separate domain. In this case, the follow button uses a different domain and so you cannot adjust it with CSS. Sorry about that!

    I almost forgot the time spent to insert spacing between the left-sidebar and post so they do not look glued to the sidebar. I worked thta for 2 days [Saturday & Sunday]. Note the spacing between featured images in the grid view.

    Modified CSS coding can be viewed with a menu selection or click here.


    PS. Thanks to Robyn [thatrobyn], an Automattic [] Happiness Engineer, for starting my down this path, after the Twenty Ten Theme was not giving me what I wanted.


  2. Changed the slideshow background color from grey to blue. Later, I discovered more CSS was needed to show a blue background when the article is selected. It was grey–another challenge equalling several more hours work.–jim


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