ROAM ~ Roll Over America reaches its destination—Washington, DC 4

Destination CaptureWhat an adventure it must have been. I think the experience must have been so cool. They actually finished 2 days earlier than scheduled. Congratulations to all the riders!!! Follow it at the ROAM website. Earlier article.

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  1. Many thanks, Jim.
    As a seasoned tourer, you would have loved it. It was a great experience, the landscape across the continent, the enthusiasm of our supporters and the great interest of the people we met on the road, the atmosphere among riders at camp and on the road, and — not least — the impact on mind and body of riders. Unforgettable.

    • You are welcome Josef. I see your point on touring with a velomobile. ROAM was an exciting cycling presentation and the type event that suits my touring interest, Perhaps one day, I too can have the joy you guys help. Glad you did it and I look forward to the next iteration. THANKS for ROAM! –jim

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