Greg Kolodziejzyk ~ a record setter 2

header-picture-greg This gentleman has quite a resume:

Greg believes that human power is the most awe-inspiring yet underutilized source of power on the planet. His mission is to conquer the world by human power and to inspire you to join him and explore your own human powered potential.

Greg’s Goals:

  1. Set three world records using human power: [on land; on water; & in the sky]
  2. Cross the Pacific Ocean by human power
  3. Cross the Sahara Desert by human power
  4. Cross the Greenland Ice Cap by human power
  5. Complete the toughest Ironman on the planet
  6. Complete the toughest 100 mile ultramarathon
  7. Complete the toughest bike race on the planet
Goals Completed Goals Not Yet Completed
1~on land; 1-on water; & 5 1-in the sky; 2; 3; 4; 6;  & 7


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This summer ~ a new recumbent record??? 2

In July Greg Kolodziejzyk will make a world record attempt by trying to ride a recumbent 3,000 miles. This is different. His route is from Victoria, Canada to Hawaii. But, there are no roads. That is correct. Greg will pedal across the ocean. His world-record attempt is expected to take between 40 to 80 days.

More to follow…