Luv my iPhone, but what to do in the rain??? 33

Water protection was recently discuss in this BROL thread. I’ve extracted some of the comments and place them below. Please see the thread for other comments. Thanks!

Water resistance???

I do not see anywhere in the iPhone spec for water resistance.
So that means the phone would die in your 1st rain storm. If I had one, I’d likely sweat the thing to death!
At SureFire we build our lights to
IPX7 normally. Which is typically good enough for most outdoor use.  ~ Willie

It is not water resistant, but there are boxes & bags that can be used. –jim
3) Fragility – Not too big a deal but I need waterproof! ~ Aqua
If I were to use the iPhone as my sole cyclometer, I would want to find a weatherproof case that could fit an iPhone 3g with an extended battery. Something like this. Of course, then you have to find a handlebar/stem mount that can hold that case.  ~ GVDub
Willie, though I do not consider my iPhone to be waterproof, nor even water-resistant, I have ridden in the rain several times with it and it is still quite alive. I use just a simple neoprene cover for it (bought it the same day I bought the phone and never carry the phone without it). I wouldn’t go out in a tropical storm to test it, but the few times I’ve been caught in the rain it has fared OK. ~ColoradoDennis
Consider yourself lucky. I design electronics for a living and everything that can get water into it, WILL get water into it; it is just a matter of time. Every piece of electronic gear I’ve owned that I use outside eventually gets destroyed by water unless it’s designed with full factory environmental seals and or fully conformal coated PCB’s. OK, I have to admit that I’m VERY hard on gear and although I do not dive, I take stuff to places that maximize the chances of equipment failure. ~ Willie
Check out the Otter Box Defender for a nice, durable case. My iPhone’s been in one since new. They say it’s not water proof, but it does have a hard shell covered by a silicone shell and a membrane over the screen. I’ve had mine in lots of downpours with no ill effects (knock wood).  ~bigflax
Very familiar with the OtterBox Defender, but discounted it because of their water resistant disclaimer. It is good to know that it worked for you in rain.  –jim
From the Catrike Board
REI is selling some tough little (and big) Mylar food bags guaranteed waterproof and smell-proof. Put your phone in one of them and the bear will never smell that pizza flavor still lingering from lunch. ~ ElSobrante
I’m liking the rigidity of my no-cost [except for the contents] bottle solution. Actually, bags will not adapt as easily as the bottle to my mount and from experience will keep the phone dry and available for what ever purpose. Of course, the REI Mylar food bags may work well for you and your iPhone mount. –jim

Today, as it rains in North Carolina, and I look for a bag or other low-cost rain protection it dawns upon me that a drink/pop/soda bottle will likely give as much protection as a bag, although it is not sealed. I cut the bottle to work on my Trek Project One, my RANS Citi Crank Forward, and my Catrike 700. Water from the open end could be problematic. If so, this is when I put the phone in a waterproof bag and into my pocket. I have a taller bottle that I’ll use for added protection. This is essentially a no-cost solution. Please, tell me what you think. Thanks!

I shot a few pictures and uploaded 6 of them to my flickr iPhone Set. Below is a sampling for the uploaded photographs.

iPhone Water Resistant Prototype iPhone Water Resistant Prototype iPhone Water Resistant Prototype
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  1. Please believe me that I say the next sentence with 100% truth:

    The best way I have seen to keep devices completely dry is by using a condom.

    I have used my mobile as a bike computer for years now by just covering it with a unlubricated extra-large condom. Then I put it into my mounting bracket which goes on my bike, and I am good to go.

    The bluetooth headphones lets me hear my music and answer the phone without wires as well.

    I do not fear puddles nor mud. :P

    The only issue I can see is that the iPhone uses the capacitance screen, and the latex might block that. Might be a good idea to test it.

    • Hi Alexander, Thanks! Certainly worthy of consideration. OTOH, I do not suspect, I’d gotten 2,000 visitors today if I had posted a picture of my iPhone encased in a condom. It sounds like a practical solution and has been proven so by you. Thanks! –jim

    • On my Crank Forward and Diamond Frame bikes I used one of my large handlebar mounts for my DiNotte lights for the base of the mount. I removed 1/2 of the light mounting arm so I have a one-hole arm to place the long bolt from the mount. I used my heat gun to remove it. I could have gotten another bolt from a hardware store, but choose not to. I used a nut on top to lock the bolt to the arm. I then reassembled the mount. The result is what you see in the pictures. T use an iPhone RAM Bicycle Mount on my trike. I hope the helps. –jim

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