Why did this happen?

Last Monday, 07/20, I purchased my iPhone 3GS [Luv It!]. Shortly there after I dropped my principal Garmin Edge 305—not a problem its been dropped before. It has even fallen from the handle bars of my DF to the pavement—never a problem. It has always continued to work. Well, the drop after receiving my iPhone broke the LCD display, but not so severely that the LCD bled. I did not know it was broken until I prepared to ride my RANS Crank Forward [Faye] yesterday.

Fortunately, I have a backup 305 [which is more sensitive to road vibrations]. Put it in action and did my short neighborhood ride [needed to deliver a draft of a print job]. At least it did not go off.

Galled Garmin to replace Edge #1—no problem. For a very reasonable cost I get a refurbished 305—shipping included. I pay to ship the unit to them. The deal was so good, I decided to replace both 305s. Now, I’m Edgeless; but, I have my iPhone with its cycling apps. I may get to check on on a longer ride today. I have to say my Edge 305 support for Garmin has been excellent. Garmin Connect is another issue.

The question now is: should I keep both Garmin Edge 305s and use them with my iPhone? As I see it now, I’ll likely use the Edge in my LWB recumbent and trike and the 305 only on my low racer and DFs. What would you do?

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