Fitness ~ Getting Ahead of the Curve, Cycling, 10/13


The ability to move with the times, and adapt to newfangled creations in life can result in improved results and quality of living. With cycling, the ability to adapt and overcome certain variables is imperative in order to improve one’s overall abilities and focus on short-term and log-term goals both in fitness and the procurement of a new skill set. But these cannot be done alone and often the assistance of high-tech equipment or experienced coaches is an unrealistic method of choice due to cost.

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Fellowship ~ NC A&T SU ROTC Reunion, The evening…[Distinguished Gentlemen--Viewer's Choice], 10/25

taken by Olivia, 10/25This pic [taken by Olivia] has more Flickr views, @ 61 since Sunday [10/26], than the other 3 group shots [also taken by Olivia] @ 52, 50 & 49 views. The number of views show how distinguished we are.

U.S. Army ~ Ranger, Class 9-74

Ranger Class 9-74I earned my Ranger Tab in 1974, following the Infantry Officer’s Advanced Course–finishing as the Distinguished Honor Graduate of my class.  Aggie-Tough as LTC (US Army Ret.) Hubert T. Wagstaff described it at our ROTC Reunion this past weekend.

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Autumn Color ~ Bradford Pear, 10/27

This tree is at a neighbor’s house down the street. I find it interesting how Bradford Pear thees leave change colors at the top, slowly changing to the base of the tree.

Gardening ~ Carrots Seeding, Ants in Motion…, 10/27

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