Photography ~ First Baptist Church, Old Street, Fayeteville, North Carolina, 03/24

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Beginning Wednesday of next week, 04/01, I can start shooting the photos I have been waiting for. That is, the sun will set a few degrees more to the north. With that, the south spire,the tallest one, will be silhouetted and have a golden reddish glow from the sun, assuming clear to partly cloudy skies. Screen shot from the iOS TPE App below.


Following today’s shoot, I was in position to capture the Fayetteville Fire Department extinguishing the fire at the St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church at Moore Street.

Photography ~ The Photographer’s Ephemeris–I’m happy with the information it gives…


I find TPE invaluable with regard to getting me in the “ball park” for the shot I want. From there, I select the camera position to frame the shot I want relative to lighting, trees, other objects, etc. Above, I have a planned shot for this week. I wanted to shoot today, but happened to be on a computer call that I was not able to get away from. [12:30-11:00PM]. Maybe tomorrow 03/24…