Blog ~ New Blog Theme–Twenty Fourteen [07/24/2014]

Twenty Fourteen ThemeFeature request submitted to Developers to automate the Twenty Fourteen Theme  slider so that 6 feature images change without reader intervention–a sideshow.

I recently changed my theme to Twenty Fourteen, now with 6 featured images. I am missing the ability to see the images change from one to another [a sideshow--preferably with a fade] like that offered by No, I do not want to go there.

This theme is near perfect for me. I note there are others who have inquired about having automatic slides for this them, but i do not find their request submitted to the developers as a feature request. I also note there there are other themes with this feature; but, I’d rather not change themes again after just setting up 2 over the last 2 days.

I respectfully ask, please…

I am,


The blog I need help with is


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