Photography ~ Market House Sunrise, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/30

Well, would you have expected 3 days in a row of clear skies–NOT! This morning was too cloudy for the sun to peek through. I had planned to shoot the other side [sun illuminated side/east side] of the Market House. I am where I had planned, but with clouds. I shoot what I have…

In this series, I have published three Market House Sunrise Articles:  Wednesday~01/28Thursday~01/29, and Friday~01/30.

[More pictures — 01/28 – 01/29 – 01/30]

Photography ~ Special Shots from this Morning’s Market House Sunrise, Fayetteville, NC, 01/29

Like January 28th’s, Special Shots, here are today’s.

Most of these pictures were taken from the south side of the Market House, looking east along the 1st block of Person Street. Morning sunrays silhouette features. Market House Sunrise Articles: Wednesday~01/28Thursday~01/29, and Friday~01/30.

[More pictures — 01/28 – 01/29 – 01/30]