Blog ~ Twenty Fourteen Theme Cascading Style Sheets [CSS], 07/31

Amazing, as you will see, the use of Cascading Style Sheets [CSS] are very powerful. Coding, for some, is straight forward and quite simple. For me–challenging. I have used CSS since blogging at That is through 6 themes.

The process is simplified by using Chrome Developer Tools [especially Inspect Element to identify the element to be modified], Internet searches, and trial [and error]. The results are satisfying and addictive. Having used CSS before helps as well. Following are captures of the top portion of the blog  with/without CSS. Compare them to see the CSS results.

The pair above shows a single featured image as you see it when I have set featured images for slider presentation.

This pair [above] shows a grid of 6 featured images.

A single post [above]–no featured images.

Four captures here [below]–the before & after of slideshows with/without the featured image grid. The same happens with featured images, slide mode.


There you have it–the power of Cascading Style Sheets. Bloggers who use this theme will likely want a different look–a look that is pleasing to them and what they think their readers want. For me, I definitely like the change. Of course, achieving a different look requires coding. There is fun to be had…

Readers–care to comment.


jim artis

PS. I also published a static page of these images. Find it using the navigation menu–Blog>CSS>Modified Twenty Fourteen>Before/After.

Images on Flickr

Full Gallery



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